Maize Manor UMC

A church in North Linden for people of all ages, backgrounds, and beliefs to help each other LIVE LIKE JESUS.

COVID-19 Response

The current global pandemic is an evolving situation. As such, our reopening plan is not linear. We do not presume to know when and how the pandemic will spread, so we are not pretending to set dates or timelines in stone. Rather, we are making flexible plans to use in accordance with various levels of threats from the virus. Our intention is to follow Ohio’s Risk Levels assessments with the levels of ministry activities, while erring on the side of caution and patience as we move between levels. These church guidelines may be re-evaluated as necessary. 

For the safety of our congregation and the community, the Admin Council voted to move most of our ministries to over the phone and online. Sunday morning worship experiences are available online and through call-to-listen by phone. 

Upcoming Events
  1. Worship on the Lawn

    Sunday, October 25 @ 4:00 pm - 5:30 pm


Making everyone feel at home.​

Small group faith formation.

All about praise and worship.

Serving people outside the church walls.

Building relationships with the community.


Maize Manor United Methodist Church (UMC) is a growing congregation in North Linden.

Our vision is to be a community church, where people of all ages, backgrounds and beliefs help each other to LIVE LIKE JESUS. 

Just like Jesus, we WELCOME all people into our community, we LOVE and grow within community, we WORSHIP together as a community, we SERVE our local community, and we WITNESS to the global community.

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Sermon Series

Mysteries of the Bible: 2020 Election Edition

In America, people have the opportunity to vote. This freedom is both a privilege and a responsibility. That means our decisions at the polls deserve to be prayed over as well as thoroughly researched. But many people have such deeply entrenched opinions that they neglect to question their political assumptions. In The United Methodist Church, …