Worship Team

We believe that Jesus worshiped not only in prayer and song, but by centering his life in God’s kingdom.

The Worship Team oversees Sunday morning worship including ushers, liturgists, choir, alter guild, Scripture readers, praise band, and alter decorations.

The Worship Team also oversees celebration Sundays and special worship events 

Worship to me is not just being in this space, in this place. Its the people…the fellowship…the presence of God in this place. Its the music…Its being together with the people that I care about, people that I love, people that have the same goal that I have, which is to praise God. Worship also centers me for the upcoming week. I can let go of any issues that I’ve had this past week…and I can get ready for the upcoming week.
Mary Eberlyn

The vision of the Praise and Worship Team is to design creative and passionate worship experiences for people of all ages. 

We worship along with all people as a community. 

We embrace multiple styles of worship. 

We believe people grow in faith when they worship God with thanksgiving, gratitude, and praise.

There are many ways you can worship God at Maize Manor United Methodist Church. Contact the church office to get started.