Community Ministries Team

Jesus spread the Word of God’s kingdom to the people he met.  Through personal, church, and community relationships, we witness our faith, listen to the experience of others, and seek to uncover God’s truth together.

The Community Ministries Team oversees the church communications, community partnerships, and community events. The vision of the Community Ministries Team is to be a witness to our community. 

There are many ways you can help spread the Word at Maize Manor United Methodist Church. 


1. Stay connected by subscribing to our email list. 

The MAIZE News email contains ministry updates, upcoming events and volunteer opportunities, church family news, and more.

2. Help us reach more people by leaving a 5-star review on Google or Facebook.

When you write a review, it tells others about God’s work in our church. You can add photos and be specific about the things you enjoy at Maize Manor UMC. Here are two examples of good reviews people have left for our church: 

"The people are friendly & welcoming. The pastor is good. The church is very active in the community."
"Very warm and welcoming. Going here has changed my life."

3. Find us on Facebook!

Our Facebook Ministry is growing. Make sure to follow, like, and press “see first” on our Facebook page. 

You can also watch archives of Sunday morning worship services, the Jesus Show, and join our church’s Facebook Groups. 

For more ways to get involved with Maize Manor UMC on Facebook, see this Facebook Ministries Training (Google Doc)

4. Subscribe to our Youtube Channel!

We’ve set a goal to reach 100 subscribers so we can create a custom Youtube address. You can help make it happen!

5. Join the Communications Team!

Our team collaborates on weekly, monthly, and seasonal communication projects and community events. Send us an email to get involved!