COVID-19 Updates

Our Plan for Coming Back Inside

July we will continue  Outdoor Worship with loosened restrictions.  Masks will be required when moving about, but optional when seated.  Any indoor small groups must have mask/social distance plan approved by the office. For special events, please contact the office to make arrangements.

August we will begin Indoor Worship with Vaccination Registration. Masks will be required of everyone school age and up, with 2 exceptions:   People who register with the church office as ineligible for the vaccine and those who register with the church as fully vaccinated. Those registered with the church may come back inside with no masks or social distancing. 

September we expect to be fully open and begin Fall Ministries, with Vaccination Registration. All choir and praise band members must be fully vaccinated and registered.

Frequently Asked Questions


Show your completed vaccine card to the Office Administrator at Outdoor Worship, email or call the office for an appointment to show your card.


Those registered will receive a red Maize Manor wristband for easy identification. 

Those registered  as  ineligible will get a yellow wristband

Always wear your wristband to avoid wearing a mask.  If you need a replacement band. please contact the office.

3.) Where will Everyone Sit?

The fully vaccinated and ineligible may sit wherever they like. Those not registered with the church will need to sit in the right side pews. That way the ineligible can sit on the far left side of the church.

4.) What About My Freedom of Choice?

You have the freedom to choose not to get vaccinated and/or not to register with the office. Just wear your mask and sit to the right.

5.) When Will the Church Lift All Restrictions?

Maize Manor does not currently plan to revisit the restrictions until vaccinations are available to all ages.