One of the first churches I served had a tradition of hosting revivals. Every so often, they would gather outside in their shelter house to have a traveling evangelist preach, sing old gospel songs and invite the Holy Spirit to revive their faith. I will never forget listening to one of those evangelists proclaim, “Whoop-dee-do-hallelujah!” as he offered a message of grace to the small community where the church was located. I have long since moved away, and I do not know if that church still holds revivals. But the idea of setting aside time to invite God to revive our faith has stayed with me through the years. I believe we all need to renew our faith from time to time. And, for many people, this is one of those times. With all the things going on in our culture right now, we are going to set aside the month of September to reconnect with the essence of our faith. So come and join us for a period of Revival!

One Month to Witness

Bible Readings
Week 1 Romans 1:8-15 Prevenient Grace
Week 2 Romans 7:14-25 Justifying Grace
Week 3 Romans 8:9-17 Sanctifying Grace
Week 4 Romans 12:1-8 Christian Imperfection


Jesus invites us to be His witnesses.