Classic Christmas Specials

Back when I was a kid, the whole family used to gather around the TV in December to watch
Christmas specials. This was in the days before streaming; so specials were a big deal, in part
because those shows would only air one time each year! As with most things in this world, some
holiday specials were more meaningful than others. Yet, how meaningful Christmas specials are
to you often says more about you than it does about the shows. If we make time to sit and
reflect on messages, we can then dialogue with whether they do (or do not) line up with the real
meaning of Christmas. So, this Advent, I invite you to join me in thinking about the meaning of
Classic Christmas Specials.
Weekly Bible Readings
● Matthew 1:1-7, 18-21 Frosty
● Mark 1:1-9 Charlie Brown
● Luke 1:1-4 Grinch (Cantata)
● John 1:1-5 Rudolph
● Luke 2:22-40 Classic Christmas Specials
Christmas Countdown
● Celebrate the season by joining us in our Christmas countdown!
Santa’s Workshop
● Pictures with Santa, crafts, cookie decorating, a toy giveaway, and reindeer games!
Christmas Market
● We will give food, clothes, hats, and gloves to the community. Hats and gloves will be
collected until Sunday, December 3.
Christmas Cantata: Sunday, December 17
● Join us for our annual Christmas Cantata!
Christmas Eve
● On Saturday, December 24, at 7:00 p.m. in the Sanctuary, we will have our annual
service with lessons and carols.