Mysteries of the Bible: The Trinity

The Trinity is one of the church’s oldest mysteries. From debates about monotheism to the exact nature of the relationship between the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, the doctrine of the Trinity has baffled and frustrated people for thousands of years. This May, we will explore the teachings of the Trinity, and see what they mean for faith and faithfulness.

Weekly Bible Readings

●     Acts 10:44-48

●     Acts 10:34-43

●     Acts 2:1-13

●     Acts 2:14-21

Church Night

Maize Manor Market

Mother’s Day

Planting Day

Church Birthday Party

●     This Pentecost – Sunday May 19 – we will celebrate the birth of the church by wearing red and sharing a birthday cake!

Practice Makes (more) Perfect

●     Read through the book of Acts to explore how the works of God are described through all three persons of the Trinity.