Cheap Grace

The concept of GRACE is central to the life of Jesus. Jesus taught people to be thankful for the grace God freely gave to them…and to share grace freely with others. But, just because grace is free does not mean we should treat it like it is cheap. This Lent, while we walk with Jesus through old dirt roads from Galilee to Jerusalem, we are going to reflect on what it means not to cheapen the grace we receive. I invite you to join us this Lent while we discuss Cheap Grace.

Weekly Bible Readings
● Mark 1:9-13 Reconciler
● Mark 5:25-34 Liberator
● Mark 6:45-52 Incarnation
● Mark 10:35-45 Savior
● Mark 14:43-50 Redeemer
● Mark 11:1-11 The Passion
● Mark 16:1-8 EASTER – Amazing Grace

Church Night
Farm Build Day
Maize Manor Market
Practice Makes (more) Perfect
Read through the gospel of Mark this Lent. There are only 16 chapters – that’s only a couple
chapters a week!
Church Breakfast

Lent Special Events
● Ash Wednesday – Join Good Shepherd UMC on February 14 @ 7pm
● Maundy Thursday – Good Shepherd UMC and Epworth UMC will join us for Maundy
Thursday, March 28, 7pm
● Community Egg Hunt – Friday, March 29, 6:00-7:00pm
● Good Friday – Join Epworth UMC on March 29 @ 7pm
● Easter Sunday