Not the Heroes You Met in Sunday School

I first learned about heroes of the Bible in Sunday School. As a kid, right and wrong seemed obvious, and you could easily tell the difference between the heroes and the villains. I always assumed those old heroic stories really were as simple as my Sunday School teachers taught me. However, as I got older – and began to read the Bible for myself – I was surprised by how complex some of the famous heroes of the Bible really are. From Noah to Eve to Abraham & Sarah to God, the book of Genesis contains a whole library of fascinating stories with heroes who are not always as clear as you might think. Personally, I think the cleaned up and sanitized versions of these stories have a place among younger children; but, it is also good for youth and adults to examine the complexity of Bible stories and heroes – because those complexities help us to reflect on our own lives! So, this May, come worship the God of All Generations, as we tell the stories of a few of the heroes of Genesis…but Not the Heroes You Met in Sunday School.

Weekly Bible Readings

  • Genesis 6:5-8                          Sunday School Noah
  • Genesis 2:15-17                      Sunday School Eve
  • Genesis 18:1-15                      Sunday School Abraham & Sarah
  • Genesis 11:1-9                        Sunday School God

The Pastor’s Study

  • Discuss sermon topics with Pastor Ryan on Wednesdays from 7:00-8:00 p.m., online and by phone. The LAST day for the Pastor’s Study this Spring is May 24.

Maize Manor Market

  • Saturday, May 13

Spiritual Challenge

Say thanks to one of the heroes of your life.