Come with Questions

“What does the Bible say about…?”
This is a question many people think they know the answer to. Yet, no matter how many
times I read the Bible, it still has a way of surprising me. So, this October, we are going to
examine the Scriptures closely to see what the Bible really does say about some of the pressing
social issues of our day. The answers may surprise you, so be sure to Come with Questions!
Weekly Bible Readings
● Revelation 7:9-12
● Matthew 11:25-30
● Psalm 139:1-18
● Job 41:1-11
● Philippians 2:1-13
What Does the Bible Say about…?
● Do you have a question about what the Bible says? Please fill out the Come with
Questions Card in the pew, or send your question by email to by Sunday, October 23, to see if your question can be
answered on the last Sunday of the month!