If Jesus Made My New Year Resolution

Have you ever noticed how self-centered most new year resolutions are? The majority of people make resolutions that are all about themselves: diet, money, exercise…the list goes on and on. While these can all be healthy things to work on, I can’t help but wonder if Jesus would want those to be the only changes we make to the world. So, this January, as we kick off another new year, we are going to consider how each of us can make the world a better, more hospitable place; the Maize Manor Care Team will teach us ways we can all participate in our ministries of hospitality and Congregational care; and, people from the church will share the resolutions they think Christ would make for them for 2022. Together, we will all ask the question: If Jesus Made My New Year Resolution, what would it be?

Weekly Bible Readings

  • Psalm 72:1-7, 10-14 – To Care for Creation
  • Psalm 29 – To Give Strength through Praise
  • Psalm 36:5-10 – To Be a Refuge for Humanity
  • Psalm 19 – To Take Better Care of All God’s Children
  • Psalm 71:1-6 – To Make the World a More Hospitable Place

If Jesus Made Your New Year Resolution…

Share your resolution to make the world a more hospitable place by writing a note to the Church Office or posting on the Maize Manor Facebook page!

Community Sunday

On Sunday, January 30, Pastor Ryan will lead a panel discussion with leaders of the Care Team, who will share their resolutions to care for the world.