Mysteries of the Bible

People of faith encounter many mysteries. Though we sometimes project certainty about our beliefs, most Christians have questions and curiosities about certain biblical teachings – and which teachings people have questions about varies from person to person! In the United Methodist Church, we teach people to search for truth by using Scripture, Tradition, Experience, and Reason. This method was practiced by Methodism’s founder John Wesley, and has become a time-tested process for seeking the Spirit’s guidance. However, it does not mean everyone always agrees; so, it does require genuine humility to employ. Over the course of this October, I am going to play the Scripture-Tradition-Experience-Reason Game with 4 Frequently Asked Questions about faith. Join me to explore Mysteries of the Bible.

Weekly Bible Readings

  • Matthew 5:38-42 – What does the Bible teach about war?
  • Romans 8:1-8 – What does the Bible teach about faith?
  • Psalm 139:1-18 – What does the Bible teach about suicide?
  • Luke 8:4-8 – What does the Bible teach about science?
  • Psalm 78:1-4 – Come with Questions

Teaching Sunday: October 31

  • During worship, Pastor Ryan will play the Scripture-Tradition-Experience-Reason Game live and in person, responding “on the spot” to your questions. So Come with Questions!

Congregational Email: To send on Monday, October 25

  • Questions about the Bible
    • This month Pastor Ryan is collecting ideas for future sermon series. So he wants to know: What questions do you have about the Bible? Is there any topic you would like to hear a sermon about? Please reply to this email by no later than October 31 to let us know!