The Four Corners of the World

In recent years, people have begun to raise questions about global ministries. Specifically, they ask whether the American church goes into other countries for self-serving reasons or with the intention to genuinely serve. From 2007 to 2010, I was privileged to visit United Methodist ministry sites all around the world. From Mexico to Cambodia to Congo, I met local church leaders and witnessed ministries in our conference’s global partnerships. I cannot speak to the intentions of other denominations – or even to every individual United Methodist Church – but, I can say many of the ministries I saw were profound examples of service. In fact, those trips opened my eyes to what true service can be: an opportunity to meet human need while equipping, empowering and enabling people to stand on their own two feet. This July, we are going to reflect on what it means to follow the Christ who came into this world not to be served, but to serve; we will go with Jesus on his mission of service in the Gospel of Mark; and, we will learn about how our conference of the United Methodist Church is serving across the globe to The Four Corners of the World.

Weekly Bible Readings

Week 1 – Mark 6:1-6 – Mexico

Week 2 – Mark 6:7-13 – Cambodia

Week 3 – Mark 6:30-44 – Congo

Week 4 – Mark 6:53-56 – Ohio

One Month to Serve

This month we are learning about our church’s ministries of service from members of the Outreach Team:

Week 1 – July 4 Recognition

Week 2 – Maize Manor Market: Produce

Week 3 – Maize Manor Market: Walk-in Closet

Week 4 – Ministry Review