Women of the Church

If you ask a random person on the street to name heroes from the Bible, common answers might be Moses, David, Jesus, or Paul. These are all good choices … But they also happen to all be men. In fairness, many of the most famous Bible heroes are men. However, there are more stories about women in the Bible than you might think. This April, we are going to celebrate the stories of some of the women who are heroes of the Bible. By examining the gospel of mark, we will see how women were among the most faithful disciples of Jesus – serving as leaders, heroes and examples to others; we will learn about the obstacles they overcame to take their place in the faith tradition; and, we will get to know some of the women who are leaders of our church today. Join us for worship this April to celebrate Women of the Church.

Weekly Readings
Week 1: Mark 16:1-8 – EASTER SUNDAY
Week 2: Mark 7:24-30
Week 3: Mark 12:41-44
Week 4: Mark 15:42-47

Faith Challenge
Think of a woman who has helped form your faith. If you are able, reach out to say thanks. If you have no way of reaching her, say a special prayer of thankfulness for her witness.