I have heard the word follower used as an insult many times. Usually it sounds something like this: “Don’t be a follower.” The criticism suggests a follower is a person who mindlessly follows someone else without ever thinking for themselves; and, in fairness, that sort of following does come with certain dangers. However, the gospels tell us to be followers of Jesus. So, this Lent – while we all get ready to celebrate Easter – we are going to examine what it means to follow Jesus in the Gospel of Mark; we will take a close look at how some of his followers continue to think for themselves; and, we will see how it is in following Jesus that we learn who he really is. I invite you to join us this March to discover what it means to be a Follower…in a good way.

Weekly Bible Readings

1. Mark 2:13-17

2. Mark 7:31-37

3. Mark 10:42-45

4. Mark 14:10-11

Lenten Challenge:

Follow Jesus through the Gospel of Mark

This Lent I invite you to read through the Gospel of Mark from the beginning to the end. Mark’s gospel is widely considered to be the earliest of the four Gospels in the New Testament, and shows the followers of Jesus go on a journey to (slowly) discover who Christ is. As you read through this gospel, I encourage you to ask: How does the identity of Jesus get revealed to the people who follow him?