Under normal circumstances, the month of May comes with flowers, sunshine and the promise of brighter days.

But this year the Coronavirus has cast a shadow over Spring. Streets are quiet. Sanctuaries are empty. Parks are closed. People are staying in their homes.

In the last few weeks, we have all learned the things we can do to try to physically survive the pandemic. Yet, even aside from the virus itself, a lot of people are finding it hard to stay healthy in our new reality. People are failing to get exercise; people are feeling the effects of isolation; people are having a little trouble sharing space with their housemates; and, people are struggling with their faith.

This Spring, at Maize Manor United Methodist Church, we are going to center worship on how to make sure your faith can survive a pandemic. But I need your help: for the next few weeks, we are going to share ideas with each other for how to spiritually thrive even in the midst of these strange days. So I want to invite you to join us this May and help us make THE Pandemic FAITH SURVIVAL Guide.

Center Your Life around Worship…

Invitation to help make the Pandemic Faith Survival Guide

Bible Readings

  • Week 1 Acts 3:1-10 Faith Health
  • Week 2 Acts 16:11-15 Family Health
  • Week 3 Acts 16:25-34 Mental Health
  • Week 4 Acts 17:22-31 Physical Health
  • Week 5 Acts 2:1-13 Holistic Health


Worship God at home, church and in all that you do.