The Church in Detroit

A lot of things happen in a church. At any given time, a church may be preparing a community meal, hosting a Bible Study, gathering together in praise, feeding the hungry, or sharing the good news of God’s Grace with the world. Sometimes at Maize Manor, we do all of these things in the course of a single day! With so many things to do in church, it is easy for the church to occasionally lose sight of the significance of our mission. 

Here at Maize, our mission is to Live Like Jesus. This means we carry on Christ’s work by welcoming, loving, worshiping, serving, and witnessing to the world – just like Jesus did. But we are not the only church who does these things. In fact, we are just one of countless churches throughout the world working to change people and communities from the inside out. So this November, during our Mission Month, we are going to discover how the church is carrying out this mission in Detroit…and how seeing the church at work in another part of the world can help us envision what God is calling us to do right here in our own community. Join us for worship next month, while we celebrate The Church in Detroit.

Witness Month Center your life around the mission of the church. 

● Weekly Bible Readings 

November 3 ○ Acts 2:37-4 

November 10 ○ Acts 2:43-47 

November 17 ○ Acts 4:32-37 

November 24 ○ Acts 2:1-13 


○ Turn in your Pledge Card. 

● Mission Sunday