It’s the Little Things

Week 1:
Jeremiah 1:4-10
Week 2:
Romans 7:14-25
Week 3:
Galatians 5:22-26
Week 4:
Psalm: 51:1-19
Week 5:
2 Timothy 4:6-8

Center your life around sharing the good news of God’s grace.

The Bible is full of stories where God does BIG things. The creation of the world. The burning bush of Moses. The resurrection of Jesus. You know, all in a day’s work for the God of the universe. These kinds of earth-shaking events leave quite an impression on people, and are often what folks think of when they think about God’s presence in the world.

But did you know the Bible also is full of smaller moments? In fact, when you add them all together, there are a lot more small things God does in the Bible than big ones. And when you begin to look for the little things God does in this world, you discover God’s love surrounds you throughout the normal moments of your life. You feel God’s mercy, despite small mistakes. Soon, you will even feel God’s presence with you in the midst of everyday normal life.

So, this September, we are going to read from a survey of Bible passages that examine how God is at work in every moment of every day, and learn how to spread the word of God’s grace to the people we meet––while we remember the Little Things.